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Interim Salarisadministrateur (Afas Profit HR/Payroll)

Interim Salarisadministrateur (Afas Profit HR/Payroll)

Work Experience

Present Afas expert, Catalpa Kinderopvang, Hengelo, the Netherlands
- Converting 28 PLCs
- Migrating 5 PLCs

Four months Payroll consultant (Mercash), De Zorggroep, Venlo, the Netherlands
- Maternity-leave replacement
- Entire processing of wages accounting (11,000 dv)
- Sorting out WVA (Dutch Salaries Tax and Social
Insurance Contributions [Reduced Remittances] Act)
for 2009–2011
- Sorting out reduction on the premiums for the elderly
for 2009–2011

One month Payroll consultant (Afas Profit), Epatax
- Preparing user-specific analyses
- Creating import files
- Amendments

Five months Payroll consultant (Afas Profit), De Mandemakers Groep
- Entire processing of wages accounting (3,500 dv)
- Preparing major analyses

One week Payroll consultant (Afas Profit), Sint Franciscus Gasthuis
- Solving complex questions concerning Afas Profit
- Writing standard operating procedures

Three weeks Payroll consultant (Afas Profit), CWZ
- Setting up analyses within Afas Profit
- Creating PowerPoint explanation for employees of
wages specification

Six months Payroll consultant (Afas Profit), Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis
- Auditing on employee and employer level
- Auditing reduced remittances and reduction on the
- Auditing wage components
- HR and wages amendments in Afas Profit
- Preparing analyses in and based on Afas Profit
- Supporting processing

Five months Senior wages accountant and application manager Profit (Afas Profit), Vereniging Eigen Huis
- Responsible for entire wages accounting
- Linking up with accounting
- Initiating payments
- Afas Profit HRM/payroll application management
- Optimizing Afas Profit HRM/payroll
- Fleet manager

Four months Senior wages accountant (Lopac and Accountview), WR in-house wages accounting
- Entire wages processing

Five and a half months Senior wages accountant (DBS), AxionContinu
- Restructuring and optimizing mode of operation,
records, application, etc.
- Drawing up operating procedures, operating and audit

Four months HR/wages accountant (SAP HR), Stork (shared-services centre)
- Drawing up operating procedures, operating and audit

Six months Senior wages accountant (Lopac), Amsterdam Uitburo, the Netherlands
- Responsible for entire wages accounting
- Initiating payments
- Creating control register

Five months Senior wages accountant (Lopac), Accountantskantoor (accountancy) PNR
- Responsible for entire wages accounting
- Training new employees
- Managing junior wages accountant
- Linking up with accounting
- Initiating payments

One year Wages accountant, Because HRM
Sent on (and successfully completed) assignment to
Gamma Dienstverlening, Utrecht, the Netherlands
(Beaufort, Gemal, Cool, and Impromptu)
- Processing personnel and wages amendments
- Auditing input and output for wages accounting
- Solving complex questions and calculations
- Cultivating contacts and advising clients
- Handling complaints
- Service desk (answering questions on amendments,
legislation and rules, output, application management,
complaints, etc.)
- Generating lists in Excel or Impromptu at client’s

Relevant previous work experience
2001 Senior wages accountant, Reym B.V., Amersfoort

2000 (Wages) accounting, Crop, Amersfoort (through
Multi job Uitzendbureau)

2000 Wages accountant, Afas Personele Systemen,
Leusden, the Netherlands
- Managing two employees

1998–2000 Wages-accounting assistant, outsourcing,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Utrecht (relocated
to De Meern, the Netherlands)
- Participating in on-site implementation of wages-accounting suite (ADP Perman)


MCO (intermediate commercial education)
VPS (on-going)

Afas Profit daily processes: HRM
Afas Profit daily processes: payrolling
Afas Profit application management: HRM
Afas Profit application management: payrolling
Afas Profit analyses and reports
SAP HR basic
DBS course
Communication workshop
Workshop on industrial law
Beaufort/Gemal workshop
Impromptu workshop
Accounting workshop
Workshop on Excel for financials


• Speciality Analyses and reports, tax rebate, reduction on the premium, conversion, optimization, and Afas Profit HRM/payroll

• Software Windows, MS Office, Beaufort, Gemal, Cool, Impromptu, Lopac,
Accountview, DBS, SAP HR, (Afas) Profit HR/payroll, and Mercash (NAV)




• 2010, 2011: project manager, Stichting Ondersteboven
• 2009: treasurer, Stichting Homomonument
• Since 2010: treasurer, Stichting Ondersteboven
• Since 2010: treasurer, Vereniging de WHAM
• Driving licence B
• Languages: Dutch (native language), English
• Familiarize myself very quickly with software programs


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